Imagine a world where creativity comes with “No instructions required”

What is it about Apple that makes them just so damn awesome? Read my biased point of view.

What is it about Apple that makes them just so damn awesome?

That’s a loaded question, and clearly biased. If you were to ask me a few weeks ago I might have said anything from their application ecosystem (I can sync my photos between 5 devices–whaaaat?!) to their governance of everything from a device’s conceptualization, to the color of the battery icon on the display. Then you have those who aren’t fanboys–like myself–who would make valid points about how competitors have a better ecosystems, better mapping applications (ok, I concede on that point), or the many advantages to making open software. It wasn’t until a conversation with a friend while sitting there waiting for the next WWDC session to start that it hit me. Apple has solved one of the most important design problems of modern history. How to break down technology barriers so that every single human being is able to express him/herself through the use of tools (e.g. applications, websites, etc.).

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