How Meditation Changes You

A learning from Jeff Warren’s Daily Trip meditation

Jeff Warren is one of my favorite people in the meditation world. He’s one of my favorite people… period. If you don’t already know, he hosts a series on the Calm App called The Daily Trip. I highly recommend! (Oh, and he also wrote a damn good book with Dan Harris)

I found today’s session particularly relatable. After ten short minutes, I had a new perspective on the day. 💡 Hopefully which continues through the rest of this week! Jeff explains meditation as looking at things from the perspective of someone older and wiser. Because it’s Jeff, we even get a picture - an old woman sitting on a park bench observing the world around her. She’s been through everything, and has a unique (wise) perspective on her surroundings. She lets thoughts and distractions come and go. She doesn’t getting stuck in the drama of it all.

It’s not getting stuck in the drama of it all.

As I listened to Jeff speak, I was thinking to myself, I often get “stuck in the drama of it all.” I get stuck in the drama of what could happen – even worse. This rumination always follows the same theme. Maybe it’s about some issue I won’t be able to solve at work, and I’ll be stuck with no path forward. Or maybe it’s something simple like not responding fast enough to a Slack message or text message and others will see me as undependable. Thing is, this is all just drama in my head. And I get stuck in it. Like, really stuck in it. As much as I ruminate about these things though, I can’t remember a time in my life where they’ve actually happened. 😧 No one has called me unresponsive. Never have I been backed against a wall with no path forward. But that doesn’t stop me from thinking, this time is it! Today is the day!

Also, I just want to reiterate how much I love Jeff’s idea of meditation teaching us to look at the world from the perspective of someone older and wiser. Everyone has an image of who that is to them. I’m sure even those who are already old and wise do! Someone who doesn’t get stuck in the drama of it all. That’s the key! 🔑 And remembering that, is how meditation changes you.

Link to the meditation (note: this will only work from mobile with the Calm app installed)

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